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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 22, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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a man in san francisco is wanted in connection with an attempted sexual assault on child yesterday on -- >> neighbors say in the hours they've noticed more police in the area. we know the eledged victim is a 7-year-old girl and that the alleged assault happened on 4:00 on friday afternoon. the police department releasing this compos it sketch of the man wanted in connection with this attempted sexual assault. it happened inside the public
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restroom at the park. it's a park frequented by families. neighbors are deeply concerned about this. >> that's terrible. it's awful. >> it's scary. there's tons of kids in the playground. and people live right on the park >> i always felt very safe walking around here. >> passing the a picture around proib makes a lot of sense -- probably makes a lot of different sense. i'm out here three times a day with my dog. my guess is i would see him if he was hanging around here. >> he is described as a caucasian man between 30 to 40-year-old. he has brown hair and brown eyes. he wiz last seen wearing a -- was last seen wearing a orange hooded sweatshirt. he wore green black and white
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tennis shoes. if you saw that man call police. back to you. we have an update to a story we brought you earlier this week. the 12 year old san francisco girl that went missing two weeks ago is back home tonight. her father tells us that they got a tip. she was on a san francisco bus. they found her on the bus at 3rd street and evans afternoon this afternoon. police say that the girl is in good condition and being interviewed by investigators. still not clear where the girl has been but her parents are happy to have her home safe tonight. a man was killed in a house fire yesterday. he says the lack of a smoke detector inside the home isn't the only thing being blamed for the man's death. >> there was very little evidence of a fire that occurred behind me at this house. they say it could have easily been prevented. >> we didn't see any flames. it was just smoke. >> just smoke. >> neighbors called 911 just
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before 8 saturday morning. >> they entered the structure to fight the fire. conducted a primary search and found one person inside. they transported him to the hospital and he did not survive the injuries >> they did not think he anyway of snowing a fire had started. >> there were no work fire detectors inside the house. >> a couple of hours after fifshs departed his only -- firefighters departed his only son arrived. they informed me that he had past. >> fire officials have not released an official explanation on how the fire started. >> hi would be shocked if -- i would be shock first-degree the report -- shocked if the fire
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reportn't say it was -- didn't say it was from him smoking. >> i can imagine in it was that that did it. no one was hurt when a caltrain hit a car. he say they're working to figure out who had the right away. no one was hurt. there are 20 to 30 minute delays in the area right now. people are without power a after a utility truck took out the pole. pg&e said the area affect second-degree a three -- is a three block area. two pedestrians were hit and kill bade speeding car last night in oakland.
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the accident happened at 27th and north gait. they say the driver of the car was speeding when he jumped the curb. one of the victims was pronounced dead at the scene. the other died at the hospital. this t driver cooperated with police. alcohol was not a thank tor in -- factor in that crash. you're looking a at a sketch of that suspect. police don't know his name but say all of the women provided similar descriptions. they say reports of grope having becoming in since august. they say the suspect approaches the women from behind gropes them and runs away. the boy who survived a 230 foot fall is awake tonight after being if in a coma for about a week. this is a picture of 4-year-old sabastian. he was put in a coma after he fell from a cliff during a family outing on november 10.
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his parents say he woke up on tuesday and had facial surgery that same day. they say that he still has a broken jaw but he's showing signs of recovery. it has been years in the making to day. they opened their extension. train doors opened to eager passengers at about 6:00 this morning. the ride cost drivers a little more than usual. but oakland airport officials say they think the new service will bring more flyers. >> we think passenger traffic is definitely going to increase. our airline carriers have been interested in this project. >> a one way trip on the new train takes about eight minutes. . to day is the first day of saint anthony annual turkey drive. every year they serve thousands of meals on thanksgiving. it's all possible thanks for turkey donation from the public.
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>> by 6:00 a.m. thanksgiving morning we got about 4,800 pounds of turk ready to go. every year people step up. we're very blessed with everybody helping us. we definitely need the help and we're counting on you. >> they are accepting turkey donation till the night before thanksgiving. how long one student says the protest may last. plus viral video oh o after teacher -- trying to drag a student into a swimming pool a bay area window washer falls 11 stories onto a moving car and survives. details next. making coffee?
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a window washer who fell 11 stories and landed on a moving car is still in
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critical condition tonight. it happened friday morning in san francisco's financial district. he fell off the roof of of a building. in stead of hitting a she meant a pass car break -- semiend a passing car brock his fall. >> i saw a body falling and it hit the back of the car and rolled right off. >> he was bleeding from his ears. it was pretty devastating. >> it's unclear why the worker fell. police say it appears and he and a coworker were moving equipment on the roof before the incident. they sited the washer's employer four times in 2008. coming up a painting believed to be done by nazi dictator. how much it went for. next ferguson on edge. how the community is bracing for
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the decision sxfrngs the storm rehad this morning is -- and the storm we had this morning is now out of here. i'll talk about when we have the next chance for rain coming up.
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had this morning is now out of here. i'll talk about when we have the next chance for rain coming up. federal and local law enforcement officials say they kid not come to a decision -- did not come to a decision. they're trying to decide whether or not to indict darren wilson. they remain on alert
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anticipating a decision at any moment. >> with no decision yet protest continue in and around ferguson. three people were arrested friday night. police say they were block traffic refusing to get off the streets. people in the city are waiting for the grand juries decision. >> now then satty has set back -- anxiety has set back in again. >> it's a place of peace. it's a place of safety. it's a place of no violence. having places where people can gather themselvess and center. >> workers are putting up barricades around the justice center. it's where they of been meeting for months now. >> back in ferguson emotions still flaring up on the spot where everything started. michael brown's family now waiting to find out if charges
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will be filed. >> michael brown's parents stand united and say they want people to be peaceful. they want people to be calm. >> president obama echoing the family's plea for peace. back to you. california is still suffering through a major drought. a 36 month stretch that ended in october. they were the driest three years in california history. brian is here with whether more rain is on the way. >> yes more rain is on the way. it's not going to get here for a while. not until the end of next week. in the mean time we have some dry weather here over northern california will take us all the way past thanksgiving. we are just wrapping up what was fairly wet couple of days. three storms in fact. one on wednesday thursday and another one last night into this
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morning. all three totalled up to about a quarter inch of rain for the south bay. not too much here for san jose. amounts higher went farther to the north. around oakland about an inch and a half. in fact mill valley one of the wet spots close to 4 inches of rain since tuesday night. all of the storms are moving on out for tonight. clear skies. winds are picking up. these are offshore winds that will help to warmup temperatures the next few days and keep skies mainly clear. we could have some patchy fog as we go into tonight. half mile visibility. for the day tomorrow sunshine and some scattered high clouds that will increase as we get bo the afternoon. those clouds from the next system that's out here. but this one unlike this one we had this morning, this one is
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getting deflected up toward the pacific northwest. we'll just see some clouds. any chance for rain remains well to the north of the bay area. here's future cast 6:00 a.m. we'll have increasing clouds. these are not clouds that completely block out the sun and make for gray skies. we'll see them into the afternoon and evening. and into the morning on monday as well. all of the rain to the north coast. temperatures for tomorrow look for mid to upper 60s for the south bay. mid to upper 60s in scompland even some low -- and even some low 70s. san francisco 65. and some low 70s in the north bay valleys. here a look ahead and as we head towards thanksgiving lots of sun and warm temperatures. low to mid 70s. there's that next chance for rain on friday into saturday.
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frustration from uc students continue. cost for students will go up as much as 5 percent per year over each of the next five years at all ten campuses statewide. that means the average student could pay more than $12,000 for tuition. that is $600 more a year. one student said she thinks protests from students will continue. >> i think we have the to end toll last at least the end of the semester. i think it will likely last for the coming years. >> students have been holding sit ins and sleeping overnight on the floor. the board of rej ends vote was 14-7. they have arrested an alleged child molester. he sexually assaulted a girl he met on facebook. he earned the girl's trust by pretending to be a teen boy. he is now facing a number of
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felony charges. >> unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and pose education of child porn og fee are just some of the charges. >> it's possible he could have more victims and new york times is reporting president obama has signed a secret order authorizing a new expansion order for afghanistan next year. the move would ensure american troops would have a direct role in carrying out missions. earlier they said u.s. troops would not have a combat role. today marks a somber anniversary. 50 years ago kennedy was assassinated. >> the president of the united
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states is dead. i just talked to them. he is another priest tell me that the pair of men have given them last rights of the catholic church. president kennedy has been assassinated. it's official now the president is dead. >> president kennedy was just 46-year-old. in less than three years to his presidency when he was gunned down in dallas texas. suspected gunman was shot dead live on tv while in police custody just two days later. an art peace that was believed to be painted by him was shold in auction to -- sold in an auction today. it sold to an anonymous bidder in the middle east. they say it is one of 2,000 pieces painted by him. the painting comes with a
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iral. -- viral. coming up we show you what happened. a gym teacher is facing charges after this video went viral. it happened back in august. cell phone video of the incident
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appears to show the teacher grabing the girl and pulling her towards the pull. now the girl st speak out. >> he just made me feel uncomfortable. >> this is the high school freshman seen on the video that has exploded on the internet. sandra agreed to swim laps in that p e class but when she didn't want to get her hair wet she got out of the pool and sat in the blacher bleach--bleachers. >> he came down to me and grabbed me down by my ankles and started to pull me down. i was just telling him like stop leave me alone. you can't be touching me. >> it happened in august. cops were called and he was put on paid leave for a month. but then brought pack and assigned to another stockton
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school. that's why sandra and her mom are so angry and talking. they can't believe peterson was back on a campus. >> time goes buy biand i find out he -- by and i find out he's working an an elementary. where girls are more younger and he's working there? >> it was this week we learn head faces the misdemeanor charge of corporal injury to a child. but they weren't aware of that and he is now back on paid leave. they said these are per bruises after this struggle by the pool. their attorney is preparing a claim against the district which will likely lead the a lawsuit. >> what should that teacher had done that day? >> had self control and he didn't. >> we tried to reach the teacher and he didn't answer. now divers found a real one
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off the coast. let's get a look at this. it is an angler. it's rarely seen but captured hire on camera. it lives more than a mile down in the deep. it was discovered just last week in the bay. as you can see it's cannot these sharp gaping teeth and a dangling light there it's coming out of hiss head. it eked more -- eked more than 100 years ago. well it's looking nice out there. we'll have lots of sunshine out there. warming temperatures shg look foley to mid 70s -- look foley to mid 70s all through thanksgiving day. that's it for us at 11:00. stay connected with .
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can you believe a standing ovation for embattled bill cosby? you won't believe what he said. and what happened when he was asked about the rape accusations. did he really try to kill the interview? >> i would appreciate it if it was scuttled. >> and cosby's long suffering wife, camile. what she is really thinking. >> deep down, she knows. >> then, she acted drunk in the video seen all over the world. why she's now apologizing. >> everywhere i go, i hear drunk girl. >> and bride of manson. what the bride's mother is telling only "inside edition." plus, quarantine family. shut off from the world for six months. look what we have


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